Why Your CEO Needs A Corporate Video Director

And the one thing you can never fix in editing.

Corporations always want what’s best for business… and that also means they want THE BEST for their CEO.

A Corporate CEO gets the best publicist. The best travel accommodations. The best phone. The best speechwriter. The best assistant. The best training. The best team.

All these pieces get put into place so the CEO looks good, performs at a high level, and generates the best business possible for the company. Often times, the CEO is the literal FACE of the entire organization, so it makes sense!

So that leaves us with one HUGE question…

Why would that same corporation let their CEO be in a terrible, awkward or just plain bad video?

Tell me if you’ve seen these tell-tale signs of a BAD corporate video featuring the CEO:

  • Awkward or wordy dialogue
  • Unclear point or direction to the copy
  • Bizarre facial choices and body language
  • Terrible jokes delivered extremely stiff

The mind reels on how many meetings must have taken place to put this video together and no one gave the CEO clear direction or help when it was their turn to be on camera.

We want to make sure this never happens to you.

Creating a great corporate video is easier than ever to do. The editing tools, cameras, and gear available make it possible to produce clean, great-looking corporate videos.

But as good as your corporate video might look or sound, that doesn’t help with the most important part that even editing can’t fix… the performance.

Now not every CEO is geared to be an on-camera talent, and that’s okay! CEO’s aren’t actors, but more often than ever, they ARE the face of their brand.

People can more easily identify with and support individuals. Even mascot characters are created with an individual bent in mind, built for larger groups of people to rally around and relate to.

So if the CEO’s performance isn’t on point… your entire corporate video is sadly missing the mark.

A Corporate Video Director can ensure that non-actors still deliver a great performance and greatly help in their on-camera talent development. They can identify and highlight your CEO’s strengths, and sidestep where they’re not. Even great actors perform better when they’re with a director they can work with and trust.

There is a distinct difference you feel with a regular video director,

and one with corporate video experience.

The message is on point, their experience stands out, and their familiarity working with non-actors is critical to bringing out the CEO’s best. The entire video becomes reflective of your entire organization’s mission and style, and it starts with the CEO.

So what does a Professional Corporate Video Director DO for your CEO?

  • Creates a Good Environment: People — especially under hot lights — can freeze up when they’re on camera. A director knows how to determine the best scenario for the desired vibe and tone — and how to keep the CEO comfortable and feeling in the driver’s seat. Also, they make sure the CEO is filmed in a location that complements their personal style and shows them off best.
  • Boosts their On-Camera Confidence: It’s natural to be wary of yourself on camera, and have little doubts turn into big problems. But even introverted people can learn to be great public speakers, and the same goes with developing as an on-camera personality. Your CEO will look forward to growing their skills. And trust us, nothing makes a CEO feel good like the kudos they receive when a great video of them is released.
  • Stay Conscious of the Message: You know how it sometimes takes an outside eye to see what you’re really good at? A skilled corporate video director can identify your company and CEO’s values, and make sure those are communicated clearly in your content. Your CEO is thinking about a million things at once, so making sure they stay on message is what a great corporate video director does best.

And beyond just working with your CEO… if video content is going to be a cornerstone of your business approach going forward, and you want to make a fantastic impression with your corporate marketing videos or explainers — you need a professional corporate video director.

Why not check out our roster of video directors at Clyde Bros.? They’ve been helping CEO’s perform at the top of their game for years, and know just how to deliver your company’s message with style and confidence.

Because Clyde Bros. is what’s best for your business.