What the Heck is a Video Content Strategy?

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the content stream

Hi, I’m Ben Clyde, I’m one of the founders of Clyde Bros., a company that delivers video content solutions to businesses, brands, and agencies for a number of storytelling needs.

But who am I really? I’m a seller of video content strategies.

Now, if your eyes just glazed over three times and rolled out of the back of your head, let me rewind time and break down what I mean…

People don’t need just one video anymore.

We’re far past the days of having just a single television ad “about us” video hosted on your website. No one piece of content can inhabit your entire brand identity. There’s a couple of reasons for that.

One, is that video is used for multiple purposes and that’s impossible to manage your message in a single way when you need it for completely different things.

Two, audiences are so diverse in their interests and backgrounds, you NEED multiple videos to appeal to these groups while still speaking directly to the individual. Yeah, that’s pretty tough.

Three… okay, there’s more than two reasons, but believe me, you’ll need more than one video.

Companies rely on a constant stream of content to go into social feeds which are… a constant stream of content.

Videos need to attract new customers, nurture current ones, grow existing audiences — there’s a lot that needs to get accomplished and people always want to see what’s NEW.

Companies need a team in their corner to provide that content.

An “in-house” (read: answering to YOU directly) production partner who can generate high-quality results, while also getting to know your company’s culture and story so they can translate your brand into multiple pieces of video content.

That takes a lot of time and effort, and experience on the team’s behalf to make it work.

And a skilled team also knows how to adjust and adapt to what’s CURRENT in the video market or in your business is crucial.

When a video agency knows the specifics about the company — the videos become *gasp* FUN and not a drain on your business. When hiring a team to work for you, you want:

  • Communicative, helpful, and creative video creation partners
  • A breezy pre-production process where knowledge of your team is key
  • On point first edits of videos, where it’s about refining and not reshaping
  • Strategic release and analysis of video content, so you know where you’re headed

Ultimately, your team can’t make their great work without a great plan. And that plan is your video content strategy: a breakdown of what needs to be made, how to make it, and when it needs to go out.

At Squint, we’ve broken down ALL the

video content strategy types for your convenience.

We’ve broken down the videos that work for businesses into 9 content types and their many sub-types. These help us discover what videos a business could utilize on a quarterly or annual basis. Here’s the rundown:

When you approach video strategically, you’re primed to win.

Clyde Bros. allows you to create winning videos with a team whose entire reputation was built on, well, having a great reputation. We’d love to see how we can make a video content strategy that works for you and no one else.

If you want to walk through our process for deciding what videos belong in YOUR strategy, visit our website HERE.