How to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Team By Using Video

Turn your video content into a talent recruitment machine.

As a Video Producer in the Corporate Communications space, I’m seeing more corporations using video content for recruitment purposes.

Recruiting talent in the modern day is extremely competitive, but with a proper video campaign, you can easily cut ahead of the competition and become a lightning rod for great talent.

But let’s be honest, not every company executes talent recruitment correctly.

So I’m going to take you through how to properly use video content to drive engagement for your company from the talent you want to attract most.

Why Use Video Content for Talent Recruitment?

If you’re traveling somewhere new, don’t you usually spend some time looking up videos of the place you’re going? It helps you imagine being there and gets you excited to go, doesn’t it? That’s essentially what you want your talent recruiting video content to do.

Creating engaging video content effectively demonstrates

WHY someone would want to apply to work there.

Video content for recruiting is also easily exportable to multiple platforms, especially ones like LinkedIn and Facebook that are growing in their interest to host and promote videos. Video content tends to be highly engaging and an easy way to illustrate brand value.

Finally, you break up the candidate job search in a pleasant way. Job hunting is time-consuming and draining for candidates, so serving up a video is a great way to stand out and make their lives easier.

Streamlining your job offer or brand qualities into a video is an easy way to get noticed and be remembered — for the right reasons!

The Main Problem with Corporate Recruiting Videos

But there are three big problems with most of the recruitment videos I watch

(or have been asked to make): they’re too broad, too cheesy, or too salesy.

Let’s break these down one at a time…

  • Too Broad: There’s no specificity to your company or brand, and it’s trying to be too many things at once. You want your messaging to be specific and guided, so the potential candidate knows if you’re speaking to THEM, not someone else.
  • Too Cheesy: Watching a cheesy recruitment video is like watching a video brochure for a retirement home — it’s uncomfortable and tone-deaf. You also want to seem like a MODERN company, one that is in touch with your business and candidate pool.
  • Too Salesy: Strong-arming a candidate with facts, or shouting your message actually makes you look less confident and convincing. Trust in your message and your business purpose, and show results and feelings over “selling” people on who you are.

A Good Recruitment Video Content Example

My company, Clyde Bros., was recently approached by a corporation in the financial sector who wanted to recruit highly educated talent. After doing some research on their company, we discovered a large percentage of their workforce was Indian-American, and LOVED playing cricket in a local league.

Evoking emotion and appealing to your candidates’ interests will

always get you farther than just selling them on who you are!

We leveraged this into a series of videos that explored the story of how these financial guys bonded over their love of cricket in their local league. We didn’t talk about the company directly, we showed their comradery and their passion for something outside themselves. The video turned out so great even I wanted to work there — they looked like they were having fun!

How to Make a Great Talent Recruitment Video

Approach your “Recruitment Video” not as a single video, but a series of videos. Create a campaign that isn’t so obvious and out front with its end goal, but subtly show off the great reasons to work there.

When you share these different stories and angles that highlight the specific benefits and the unique culture of your company, you give an authentic depiction to potential candidates and generate real interest.

Here are just some ideas to get you started on your recruitment video series:

  • Located in an interesting part of town? Have associates talk about the area reflecting their lifestyle and interests, and how your company encourages their participation.
  • Offer great childcare or maternity leave? Demonstrate your company’s commitment to family, and candidates will want to grow theirs with you too.
  • Do thought leaders thrive in your company? Create a video with a candid one on one between a candidate and leadership. People look for great leaders to follow.
  • Donate to charity or have one of your own? Candidates look for companies that are doing good, and will feel good working for an organization that truly gives back.

In Conclusion

Use your recruiting video content to appeal to your potential talent’s lifestyle and identity.

You are trying to create a situation where they see themselves working and thriving there, and that your company reflects THEIR values as well as your own.

Give yourself a great story, and people will naturally want to hear about it. And next time you’re looking to recruit great talent hit us up at Clyde Bros., where we’re always ready to help you attract the best talent for your brand!  We’re just one phone call away. Click here to set up a quick call with our team.