At Clyde Bros. Studios, our award winning directors and producers are at the core of our creative edge. Our diversity of thought, style, and experience meet in our motivation to envision and create incredible video content. We specialize in helping companies find their best stories, most effective content types, ideal content creators, and custom production processes. We take each job personally, and our years of experience have taught us that a commitment to clear communication leads to a great final product.


Brand Download
We start by getting to know your company and defining your objectives. Learning as much as we can about your team members, unique storytelling assets, audience profile, distribution channels, and budget range for creative, production and amplification.
Content Strategy Development
Our team goes to work on a detailed audience analysis, including social research, industry research, brand coral, and content ideation. We confirm audience interests and content opportunities, while mapping out key themes for content effectiveness and developing distribution strategies and workflow options.
Content Strategy Presentation
We then present recommendations for video content that will differentiate your brand in different venues, including specific creative concepts. We breakdown the scope and feasibility of the options, helping you land on a video campaign that makes the most of your company resources and brand image.
Content Creative
With our content strategy in place, we engage our film making creative process by bringing on a lead director to craft a detailed Director’s Treatment for each video. This includes scripts, storyboards, lighting schematics, animatic, and much more. We pride ourselves in excellent creative briefs, and will deliver everything needed to make sure every piece of content produced tells a compelling and consistent story.


Line Production
With approved creative in hand and a shoot date secured, we start bringing to life every element of production. Our producers break down each component nuts to bolts; including scheduling, budgeting, location scouts, casting, set design, equipment, crews, still photography, wardrobe, and more. With over 15 years of making affordable and professional video content, we know the best talent to assemble for any price tag.
Throughout the process, our team handles each step with transparency and conviction. We prepare and scout all details to ensure a smooth day of production. Once all is finalized, we walk your team through a per-production meeting that lays out the plan of attack and introduces the director to all parties involved.
Shoot Day
Since our close-knit crew works on some of the biggest commercials, film and television sets in the industry, get ready for a professional film making experience. Big or small, they bring their experience, professionalism and artistic precision to your production just the same, every time. And our directors were specifically chosen for their ability to run a set. Their communication and respect will leave you with peace of mind as each shot is captured.
Once “in the can”, your Squint Direct editorial team brings your content to life with music, color correction, animated graphic design, VEX, and sound mixing. We make sure all content adheres to strict quality standards, as well as your brand guidelines. We use an online review process that makes feedback quick and easy.


Promotion and Amplification
Now that you've invested in quality, original content, it's time to make sure it has an impact. Our amplification team will be ready and waiting to launch, having prepared during the post-production phase. Whether it's targeted Facebook and Google Ads, or a curated website and You tube channel, they'll walk you through the options and make sure the dollars you spend meet the desired goals.
Network Enhancement
As long term creative partners, we make every effort to think of new and compelling ways to enhance your audiences experience. We look at it like you are you're own TV Network, and our job is to consult on making you a roster of shows that connect with your audience. That means reaching out for collaborators, locating content others are making that you can capitalize on, and giving your design elements an ongoing fresh look (like logo animations, ad assets, pitch materials).
Video Analytics
Keep up with how your content is doing with hard data. We'll give you reports that help you understand what your audience responds to, and what ways to improve future content.
Account Support
As a partner in constant video creation, we see our job as one that involves an in-depth video creation training course for our clients. As a means to set everyone up for success, we bring you in on the process and help you understand what factors are most crucial for your goals. We also customize our systems and processes to each individual client, so that it reflects the way your business work best. Our goal is to be your “in-house production team”.
For many years now, I’ve come to rely on the Clyde Brothers to create premium video content across the board. They never fail to make me or my colleagues feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
Squint makes outstanding, funny, smart creative content. It's a pleasure to collaborate with them and they always manage to find clever ways around typical roadblocks in the process; budget,time, personalities. If you're ready for great content and a GREAT experience making that content, give Squint a call.
Rob and Ben are energetic, creative and talented producers; and I would highly recommend Squint Direct.
If you're looking for passionate and innovative creative professionals that you can count on, look no further! I have had the pleasure of working with Squint on multiple projects and am impressed by their ability to develop original concepts, effectively communicate ideas, and motivate and lead teams to produce extraordinary results.
Squint Direct is home to some of the sharpest creatives I know. They just 'get it,' which sounds simple but is incredibly rare. They understand advertising AND entertainment and balance both very well in their work. Squint is a great tool to have in the box!